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Awesome live recording of Arabesk at LazyBones, January 2018. Listen like you were there! The album contains all your favourite Arabesk songs and includes the award winning 'Waltz Ala Bra' and 'Big Bamboo'. Engineered by DJ Nothing and mixed by Tim Roebuck.

Waltz Ala Bra: 
2017 International Songwriting Competition - Finalist (Top 16 of 16,000 songs) 
2017 Australian Songwriters Competition - Winner

Big Bamboo: 2017 Australian Songwriters Competition - 4th Place

Arabesk are: Rob Shannon (Guitar), Veren Grigorov (Violin), Thomas Wade (Double Bass), Calvin Welch (Drums/Percussion).   

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Ruby My Dearest - Arabesk
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Arabesk's 2016 EP Mr Fi contains 6 tracks that will leave you wishing for more. In 2017 2 tracks from the album were awarded 1st place and 4th place at the ASA awards. Recorded entirely in Bathurst NSW and featuring the artwork of acclaimed artist Nicole Welch on the cover, the music lifts your spirits and takes you over the mountains and down the other side. Arabesk are: Rob Shannon (Guitar), Veren Grigorov (Violin), Thomas Wade (Double Bass), Calvin Welch (Drums/Percussion). Buy this album


Arabesk play a brand of music that is often described as Gypsy Jazz.  Arabesk's music follows many paths at anyone time. At any moment it will swing hard, only to drop into a thick funk pumped bass line, all the while the violin floating above it. The drums hammer and thunder beats reminicent of Motown, Blue Note and Afro Cuban jazz.  Arabesk are: Rob Shannon (Guitar/D'rbukka), Veren Grigorov (Violin/Viola), James Haselwood (Bass/Double Bass), Calvin Welch (Drums).   

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Arabesk's first album features inspirations ranging from Eastern Europe, India, The Middle East, Africa and France. But this is home...Australia! And this is the sound of the world on your doorstep! Original Australian world music at it's best! Enjoy! Arabesk are: Rob Shannon (Guitar/D'rbukka), Veren Grigorov (Violin/Viola), Philippe Wittwer (Accordian), Kory Horwood (Double Bass), Calvin Welch (Drums).   

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